Pre-registration Week for 8th Graders going  into High School

LCPS High School counselors will be visiting Middle Schools this week for pre-registration. Pre-registration will include sharing important details and information with students as they begin the Next Step/Registration process to start their Freshmen year in August 2022. Students will also be able to visit their zoned High School on the evening of February 16. All High Schools host these events on the same evening as these are not recruiting events, but events for students that will attend high school next year. At the end of the month, all high schools will host incoming freshmen to their high school to complete the Registration process

High Schools will be at the Middle Schools this week to pre-register 8th graders, all visits will be in person at the Middle Schools:

Date and Time


Mon. January 31 –


Mesa MS

Mon. January 31 – 2:00pm

Vista MS 

Tues. Feb 1 –AM 


La Academia - 8:30am


J Paul Taylor  - 10:30am


White Sands Middle School    - 9:00am

Tues. Feb 1 – 2:30PM

Sierra MS 

Wed. Feb 2 – 9:00 AM

Picacho MS 

Wed. Feb 2 – 2:50-3:45pm

Camino Real MS 

Thurs. Feb 3 – 9:00 AM

Lynn MS 

Thursday, Feb 3 - 1:00 PM

Zia MS 

Friday Feb 4 - 1:30pm